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About the Author

Trevor Page is a Senior Software Engineer who specializes in Java Programming. Over the last year Trevor came to the realization that not only does he love programming, but he's also a gifted teacher.

With this in mind, Trevor set out to write a beginner's guide to Java programming focusing on the Java programming language. His hopes were to write a Java eBook that would succeed where many before it have failed and translate the complicated programming talk into plain English.

The Java tutorials contained in this Java eBook are designed to be bite sized and explain every concept as plainly as possible. Where most other "Java tutorial for beginners" books would get far too technical and drown the readers in minute details, Trevor's goal was to create java programming tutorials that even a 10 year old could understand!
Trevor Page


Java Guru



Who SHOULD Read this Java eBook?

Out of all Java tutorials I have come across, this one is the best, the author speaks to you like he is right next to you and understands you.


Who this Java eBook is NOT intended for

I always had a bit of trouble understanding certain things in Java programming. My professors never really explained in detail the things you have covered or if they did, they didn't explain it in a way that was easy to understand. Thanks!


What do you get in the Java PDF eBook?

Over 300 pages of Java Programming Tutorials

Carefully crafted Java tutorials that take you through the Java programming language step by step. The most important part being that they are written in plain English ;)


As you progress through this introduction to Java programming PDF, you will be given assignments to complete. These assignments are key to ensuring that you retain all of the knowledge that you have been reading.

Integrated Audio Podcasts

To enrich the content of this Java basic tutorial eBook, there are links to relevant podcast episodes throughout this Java PDF. These podcasts alone have actually enabled people to get through programming interviews and land jobs where they were unable to before! Unbelievable.

Challenging Tests

What better way to prove that you are actually learning something than to take a test. In this Java eBook you'll receive 15 different challenging tests designed to put your new knowledge to work via this introduction to Java programming PDF. Just print them out and take the challenge, but don't cheat, the answers are in the back of the book ;)


Also littered throughout this Java PDF are videos that go beyond what a traditional book can give you. Sometimes it's just easier to teach a subject using the video medium, so why fight it? You'll love being treated to this powerful teaching medium through the How to Program with Java eBook :)


Where other books have failed you in the past, this Java programming tutorial eBook won't. I'm willing to put the money where my mouth is on that one and give you your money back if for any reason you don't like this eBook. Just shoot me an email or contact me via the chat widget on this webpage and I'll give you all your money back, no questions asked and no hard feelings.
Trevor takes the time to simplify in a way that's easier to understand than any other form of learning code I've tried so far.

- Robyn
I have read a couple of Java tutorial for beginners books before... I found your material is by far the best. You have a way of making things clear to understand. Finally this java stuff is starting to make some sense to me.

- Jason

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